Restraining a patient is complex, involving deep emotions for the patient and the caregiver 

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We've focused on making this task easier, more comfortable, safer and flexible to match patient dynamics


Locking System

Pinel’s patented lock and key system allows for flexibility, security and speed.

Limb Cuffs

The unique Pinel butterfly cuff is able to secure a limb very quickly. The universal size allows the strap to fit a variety of patients.

 Waist Restraints and Utility Straps

It is important to allow a patient who is in bed to rest and move comfortably.

Complete Sets

The complete set is equipped to handle almost every restraint problems and scenarios.


The Pinel Medical Story

We have developed a state-of-the-art restraint system to meet every restraint situation. Our system combines high tech fabrics that are stronger than leather, anti microbial, washable and gentle on the skin. The locking mechanism is a simple and quick release. 


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