The Pinel Waist Belt

It is important to allow a patient who is in bed to rest comfortably and be able to move in all directions in order to prevent muscle atrophy and deep vein thrombosis.

The waist belt attaches around the patient’s waist and prevents them from falling out of bed or the chair. It also allows the patient to move comfortably, i.e., rolling and sitting. Pinel strongly suggests using the waist belt during a patient’s normal rest periods.

Although the waist belt is a universal size, x-small and x-large waist belts are available.  


The waist belts can be ordered with or without the pelvic strap and come with the full locking system and three blue release keys

Waist Belt Extender

Used with the waist belt to make it 10 inches longer. It is used mainly for overweight or pregnant women. The system comes with one extender and one button/pin locking system.

waist belt extender.jpg

The Pinel Pelvic Strap

The pelvic strap is unique to the Pinel system. It is intended to stop the upward movement of the waist belt over the thorax.

When using the waist belt, we strongly encourage your staff to apply the pelvic strap. When used together, the patient is able to make full rolls on his side. The sewn-in attachment straps prevent a further roll over the side.

Pinel also recommends that side rails be up and gaps in the side rails be blocked. The pelvic strap comes with one strap and one button/pin locking system.


Shoulder Belt

The shoulder strap is used to prevent the waist belt from being pushed downward and off the patient.


If necessary, to prevent the movement of the waist belt either up or down, use both the pelvic and shoulder belts. Both are connected to the waist belt with two pins that were inserted for the pelvic strap. 

The system comes with one belt and one button/pin/lanyard locking system.

Patient Protector

Used on the waist to prevent the patient from falling or rolling out of a bed or chair. The Velcro allows for easy self-release and is ideal for low risk patients.

The patient protector comes with two button/pin/lanyards and two blue release keys.

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