Pinel’s patented locking system allows for flexibility, security and speed.

The locking system comes with a black button top, pin, optional lanyard that links the two pieces together and blue unlocking key.

To unlock the button, simply place the blue key on the black button top and lift up on the black button. The outside blue prongs on the key protect sensitive electronic devices, such as pacemakers, from the magnet. 

To ensure easy accessibility, safe storage and rapid detachment when needed, we have designed and patented a lanyard and key cap.  


When to replace the button:

Depending on use, the button has a life of approximately two years. The first signs of wear include difficulty unlocking or pulling off of the button without a key.

If any buttons are experiencing signs of wear, they must immediately be removed from circulation. The circles on the bottom of the button ONLY indicate the quarter and year the button was produced. This is not an expiry date, but a reminder of time in use. You must test the button prior to every use. 

Button wear is directly related to the number of times it is locked and unlocked, but also the number of times the patient pulls on it.

Please ensure knowledge of proper operation before the use of all Pinel products.

For instructions for use and training videos, please contact us and we'll be happy to provide support: