The complete set is equipped to handle almost every restraint problems and scenarios.

It contains: 

The carrying bag allows the items to be organized in slots with labels and with easy lock access. It prevents confusion and loss of equipment. In addition, it makes transportation easy.*

  • 4 limb straps with covers
  • 1 long utility strap
  • 1 shoulder strap
  • 1 waist belt with 2 small utility straps
  • 1 pelvic strap
  • 2 short utility straps
  • 1 extender
  • 3 keys
  • 13 button/pin/lanyards and 2 button/pins
  • 1 emergency cutting knife 

The system can also be purchased without the carrying bag.

Emergency Kit

The emergency kit is portable and convenient storage for emergency situations. It allows for rapid control of the legs, hands and upper body. 


The Emergency Kit comes with:

  • 4 limb straps
  • 1 short utility strap
  • 1 long utility strap
  • 9 button/pin/lanyard locking system
  • 2 blue release keys
  • 1 blue carrying bag for easy storage
  • 1 emergency cutting knife

For instructions for use and training videos, please contact us and we'll be happy to provide support: