The ongoing development is the highly versatile PINEL System that is able to address every conceivable restraint requirement through the use of universal items based on a common patented locking system.


The comfortable waist restraint system is the heart of the Pinel De-restraint system and the eventual goal for all patients who need to be restrained. It allows the patient to roll in all directions and sit up in bed. When the patient is given access to the unlocking key it becomes the ideal "passive" restraint. It is easy to handle, adjust, and wash. And you can provide additional security with specially designed attachments. For example, by attaching a limb restraint to the waist restraint, you can restrict one arm of a tube-pulling patient, yet still permit self-feeding.

Technical Specifications:

USE: To keep Patient comfortable & fully mobile in BED or CHAIR.
COMPONENTS: 1 X Waist belt; 2X Side straps; 3 X Keys; 1 X Button/Pin; 2 X Button/Pin/Lanyard
SIZES: Universal 7"wide; Medium 6" wide; Small 5" wide (Shown in medium)

Waist - Pinel Medical


One of the most useful attachments to the waist restraint is the side strap. When a side strap is attached, a patient can be restricted from rolling to one side or can be held in position for treatment. The straps can also act as safety belts, maintaining the patient centered in the bed. In a chair, used as a "crotch" strap, the side strap prevents the patient from sliding down. With the limb restraints the side straps can be used as strap extenders or reinforcement restraints.

Technical Specifications:

USE: As General Utility strap. Used to position patient or as a pelvic strap in Chair to prevent downward slide. Used as extension straps.
COMPONENTS: 1 X Side strap.

Site Strap - Pinel Medical


Adaptable to all waist restraints, the extender adds an additional 10 inches for larger patients, without adding substantially to your cost.

Technical Specifications:

COMPONENTS: 1 X Extender; 1 X Button/Pin.
SIZES: Normal maximum sizes are as follows: Universal = 44"; Medium = 40"; Small = 38"; Extenders add 10 inches to above.

Extender - Pinel Medical


A small percentage of patients can slide out of the waist belt. Pinel's shoulder belt is used primarily to prevent this problem. Light and comfortable, it can also be used with the bed strap to hold an aggressive patient's shoulders down on the bed to prevent self-injury or injury to staff. In addition, it can be used for upper body control of geriatric patients in a chair.

Technical Specifications:

USE: To keep patient's Upper Body on Bed or to prevent very aggressive patient sliding from Waist belt.
COMPONENTS: 1 X Shoulder belt; 1 X Button/Pin/Lanyard

Shoulder Restraint - Pinel Medical


Pinel universal limb belts provide quick, effective wrist and ankle control, especially in emergency situations. They can be used as stand-alone, four-point restraints, as quick-attach four point restraints, as ambulatory restraints or as attachments to the Pinel waist belts. Specially designed, Quick-Connect Velcro cuffs will immediately control even the strongest and most aggressive patient, while magnetic locks provide long-term security. A series of loops, buckles and locks allow staff to adjust the degree of limb movement for minimal restraint.

Technical Specifications:

USE: To control aggressive patient's Limbs rapidly (both wrist and ankles with same). High degree of speed and flexibility. Second level of security if required for longer term.
COMPONENTS: 1 X Limb belt (Same for wrist/ankles); 2 X Button/Pin/Lanyard. (Keys separate)
Four Universal LIMBS joined for security. Able to secure to this 5 point level in 5 seconds.

Limb Belt - Pinel Medical


This versatile strap is used primarily as an anchor strap for the limb restraints at the ankles. It allows staff to adjust the amount of leg movement desired. Bed straps may also be used with the shoulder belt to hold the shoulders of violent patients on the bed or to hold geriatric patients gently upright in a chair. It can also be used in emergencies as a Nelson Hold to prevent upper-body movement.

Technical Specifications:

USE: Flexible longer Utility belt used to secure upper body of very aggressive patients. Also used to permit leg flexibility when patient is in Waist belt.
COMPONENTS: 1 X Bed strap; 2 X Button/Pin/Lanyard.
Used to rapidly control Upper Body of violent patient against self-injury.

Bed Strap - Pinel Medical


This kit contains all the Pinel components to handle all restraint situations in one convenient package. Its capabilities include everything from gentle control of sensitive geriatric patients to quick and effective subdual of the most aggressive and dangerous patients. The system allows for incremental de-restraint from seven-point restraint to a single waist restraint in seconds and in complete safety. A specially designed carrying bag is optional.

Technical Specifications:

USE: Provides all items to handle any know restraint requirement, always with the intent to optimize comfort and security. Aim is for minimal or least restraint.
COMPONENTS: 1 X Waist belt; 4 X Limb belts; 1 X Extender; 1 X Shoulder belt or 2 X PELVIC; 1 X Bed strap: includes 15 Button/Pins, 3 Keys.

Complete Kit - Pinel Medical


The Pinel Limiter permits quick control of ankles and wrists following a take-down. It allows transport of the patient by limiting walking pace and by restricting the patient's ability to kick or punch.

Technical Specifications:

USE: Consider as hand cuffs and leg irons within same item. Rapid Velcro cuff attachment.
COMPONENTS: 2 X Short Limb straps; 3 X Button/Pin/Lanyard
Keys are separate.

Limiter - Pinel Medical


The Pinel carry/storage bag allows components to be organized by colour tab and helps ensure inventory completeness. It is sold as a separate item and is not included in the complete Pinel De-Restraint Kit.

Technical Specifications:

USE: Convenient storage and transport bag with orderly slotted compartments for easy access and colour identification.
COMPONENTS: 1 X Storage/Carrying Bag for all items.
Does not contain a COMPLETE #7 KIT. Shoulder #3 can be replaced by 2 Pelvic Straps

Carrying Bag - Pinel Medical


USE: For patients who are in danger of sliding up or down the Waist belt. Easily attached, allows full rolling, easily washed (20 minutes).

COMPONENTS: 1 X Pelvic strap, 1 X Button/Pin.

Recommended for BED only. Better PINEL method in chairs (use of Side strap).

Pelvic Strap or Beaver Tail - Pinel Medical


USE: This NON-Restraint is self-releasing. It attaches with tenacious Velcro and provides the same motion as the Waist Belt. Useful to prevent bed falls and as a patient reminder.

COMPONENTS: 1 X Waist belt with VELCRO lock; 2 X Button/Pin/Lanyard; 2 X Keys.

Patient Protector - Pinel Medical


USE: Useful to block Gaps between Split Rail beds which are often inviting patient escape routes. Attaches with PINEL locking system at one point only.


Gap Cover - Pinel Medical

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